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Vulpem Ventures is a tech company at the forefront of the blockchain industry since 2017. We develop innovative solutions that leverage Bitcoin and Liquid to unleash the full potential of borderless finance. Serving as a technology co-founder, we catapult new ventures into the market — putting our skin in the game with value-aligned partners.


Marina is the ultimate gateway designed to access the Liquid Network directly from your browser.

Marina connect
Connect your browser to the Liquid Network
Marina send and receive
Send and receive L-BTC, USDt and other assets
Marina keys logo
Generate and secure keys on your browser
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Nigiri is a local regtest development box for Bitcoin and Liquid

Nigiri Bitcoin logo
Run Bitcoin and Liquid in regtest mode
Electrs and Esplora for easy development
Faucet, mint and broadcast with a command
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Liquid Taxi

Move your Liquid assets without owning L-BTC to pay the fees

Integrate Taxi API in your own Wallet
Confidential transaction support
Discounted pricing for larger volumes
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TDEX is a non-custodial Liquid Exchange based on atomic swaps

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Install TDEX CLI

Tailored Solutions

We architect and deploy integrated blockchain and Bitcoin solutions.

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