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Cybersecurity for
the blockchain era.

We make using blockchain technology safe.

We set standards, push limits, and leverage blockchains to mold the future economy.

How we make blockchain interactions secure

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    Infrastructure Audit

    If your website gets hacked, your downside can be limitless. We secure IT infrastructure against high volume attackers.

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    Smart Contract Audit

    Your smart contract is the key to the decentralized ecosystem. We audit your contracts and ensure they are locked tight, from code to the token economics.

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    Technology Review

    We've been working with distributed databases, consensus mechanisms, and niche cryptographic applications since 3 January 2009 . We'll ensure that your technology is as functional as possible.


Have a big project? We love innovation.

We're a team of worldwide technologists building a brighter future. If you have a project that pushes the edge of what is possible today, we want to hear about it. Research and development are no obstacles to building an amazing product.

Tell us what you need and we'll be in touch.

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